The State of Texas vs. J.G.

Driving While Intoxicated

Result: Trial Date Dismissal
Summary: .12 Breath Test.  The stop was illegal and the officer incorrectly administered the entire series of field sobriety tests.  After discovering the officer had been asked to resign and became hired by another agency, the State began to see their case fold in front of them.

The State of Texas vs. C.L.

Assault-Bodily Injury

Summary: Client and ex-husband has a custody dispute. Client called 911 in order to get police to the house to intervene and client was met by ex-husbands new wife. Gun shots were involved but ultimately the jury decided that the client was using self-defense.

The State of Texas vs. R.H.

Felony Theft From a Person

Result: No Bill
Summary: Client was first accused of robbing the complaining witness. However, it was uncovered that the complaining witness had actually stolen from the client, and the client was just seeking payment for the items taken. Money was exchanged and 6-8 hours later 911 was called to report a robbery which had “just happened.” With the help of a grand jury packet I put together, the Grand Jury declined to indict.

The State of Texas vs. K.S.

False Police Report

Result: Dismissed
Summary: Client was arrested after someone broke into his car, stole his gun, and he claimed it was pointed at him. The officer chose to believe the thief, with prior felony convictions. However, with some help and some pushing, the Assistant District Attorney saw through the officer’s false assumptions.

The State of Texas vs. T.A.

Interference of Public Duties

Result: Dismissed
Summary: Client was wrongly stopped and arrested by the police for exercising his 1st Amendment Rights

The State of Texas vs. E.Z.


Result: Dismissed
Summary: Client was falsely accused of assaulting someone at a party. Police did not conduct a thorough investigation.